Soviet photo lens Helios-44-2

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Helios-44 - the Soviet photo lens of the Helios family, created on the basis of the German Zeiss Biotar 2.0 / 58. diameter of the thread M42 × 1.      It began to be produced in 1967 as one of two standard lenses for the Zenith-E and Zenith-B upgraded for this thread. It was later supplied complete with Zenit-ET and Zenit-10. The frame was painted solid black with green elements, and the diaphragm was only 8-petal. The lens was produced in huge quantities by three plants: KMZ, MMZ (in two rim versions) and the Valdai Jupiter, therefore it is currently available for purchase, despite the cessation of production in 1991. Was in use, there are scuffs on the case. Serviceable, clean, defect-free lenses.


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