Old photo of the Swedish soldiers 1915 + letter old original photo and letter Material: paper...
Camera Zenith-E of the times of the USSR, a mirror, in good working order, without a case.
Description Rant, bezelfor all stainless steel wrist watches Vostok Amphibian new...
Soviet Russian USSR / CCCP Ribbon for Jubilee Medal 50 Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic...
Vendor: Hedesso
Item details 5 out of 5 stars. (11)...
Russian bebut shashka sword dagger handle wooden part бебут кинжал condition good. high...
Medal "In memory of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878" Material: Bronze. The size of the...
Stone ax 3 millennium BC (broken) last photo from the museum original (found by me) Date: third...
Sign of tsarist Russia of the 19th century Material: brass The size of the photograph Date: 19...
Panama afganka material 100% cotton russian size 59 (L) detailed information in the photo
Vendor: ArmyShop
"Twenty Years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941–1945" (Russian: Юбилейная медаль...
Vendor: falerist93
Soldiers, the USSR. Ordinary Soviet Army. The photo is black and white. Gelatin-silver print....
Vendor: ArtPictureUA
Army vest of cotton fabric russian size 60/4 has side pockets, is used for all...
Vendor: ArmyShop
Sign of the "Guards", reward for the soldiers of the Soviet army. The sign "Guards" was given to...
Vendor: RichUA Shop
You buy the product that is in the photos. Authenticity is guaranteed. Here I have a Russian...
Vendor: falerist93
The first medal: VDNG (exhibition of achievements of the national economy) URSR - the diploma of...
Vendor: RichUA Shop
Butyl rubber gloves BL 1M from the chemical protective suit OZK.Folding storage of the Soviet...
Vendor: ArmyShop
Soviet Soldier's Star Cockade Hat Badge - Green field star. Original made in USSR Material:...
Vendor: ArmyShop
Original Soviet Army Medical Bag Made in USSR in 1980-ix Soviet Army field medical bag, made in...
Vendor: ArmyShop
фарфоровая статуэтка германия клеймо стертое .состояние как на фото трещин и сколов не обнаружил
Vendor: antiquary ua
Storm suit hill.Russian size 56/58 breast (116/118cm) growth 5/6 (185/190cm) made of tent cloth...
Vendor: ArmyShop
Compass of Artillery USSR original.Were made for the Soviet military industry in the...
Vendor: ArmyShop
Flask of a Soviet soldier with a cover.Capacity 750grm (Russian measure of volume) Made from...
Vendor: ArmyShop
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