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фарфоровая статуэтка германия клеймо стертое .состояние как на фото трещин и сколов не обнаружил
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Name: Statuette "Woodcutter" Plant: Polonsky Artistic Ceramics Plant, 1956-1970s Stamp ZHK. Height: 15.5 cm Author Golembovskaya S.V. A lumberjack in Hutsul folk costume decided to take a rest and smoke a pipe-cradler. Gilding. Without chips, cracks, restorations. No interventions. Look carefully at the photos. You get such a statuette as in the photo. Any additional photo on request will send.
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porcelain figurine - Terrier -  length - 10 cm, height -8 cm.  In a very good condition
Figurine "Well, take away" production of Polonsky artistic ceramics factory. Ukraine, 50-60th years of the twentieth century. He has no cracks and chips, the safety is good. About 15.5 cm in height and about 11 cm in length. Dynamic, bright, sunny and cheerful composition, representing a girl and a dog. The girl teases a dog, obediently standing on his hind legs, hence the name of the figurine. Personalizes child carelessness, ease of perception and positive emotions. Producer - Polonnsky art ceramics factory, Polonne ZHK. Porcelain, painting. Ukrainian SSR, Polonne ZHK. Blue stamp "Polonne ZHK" Stamp slightly erased. Restoration did not have. Collectible condition. The photo shows what you get. Photos are part of the description, so please carefully look at all the photos. For more information, write. I will send if necessary photo.
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