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Top Vintage Russian Collectibles That Are Priceless

Russia is currently famous not only for its traditional items, such as matryoshkas and gzhel ceramics, but also for the items of the Soviet era among collectors from all over the world. If you want to experience the Soviet atmosphere or possess an item that reflects the traditional Russian crafts, make sure to check out our offers. While you’re at it, let’s take a look at top Russian collectibles that would satisfy any soul.

#1. Medals, Pins And Ribbons

Even though these items may not be your first pick when browsing through our Russian collectibles, they are definitely worth your attention, especially if you are particularly interested in Soviet-era items. The pins reflect the key accents that were present in the Soviet society: the Olympic Games, the space race, and worshipping Vladimir Lenin. The ribbons can strike you with the wide range of them available at our Russian collectibles store – each color scheme has its own meaning in terms of military medals received.

#2. Nesting Dolls

Also known as matryoshka dolls (‘matryoshka’ literally means little matron), these items have proven to be the most popular traditional gifts from Russia. A set of matryoshka dolls includes a big wooden doll which separates horizontally to reveal a smaller doll of the similar appearance inside, which has another smaller doll inside, and so on.

#3. Military Items

Besides medals and ribbons, there a wide range of other priceless military items to choose from. If you are interested in vintage military uniforms, Soviet ones will not leave you disappointed. There are both whole uniforms and their separate ammunition available for purchase. Apart from that, you can choose from a spectrum of army items, such as belts, flasks, etc.

#4. Gzhel Ceramics

Another famous kind of Russian gifts and collectibles that are often purchased as a souvenir. Gzhel’s geographic origins lie in a small village of the same name that started producing such ceramics in 1802. There is a wide range of Gzhel ceramics available, from clocks to plates and statuettes.

Yet, these 4 picks are only a glimpse into the variety of items we have available, so make sure you won’t miss rare offers of Russian uniforms and badges, lacquer boxes, tableware and kitchenware, prints and photos, books, music and movies, and holiday ornaments.

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