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This handmade cartoon cat is a miniature figurine to cheer up, a ceramic tea pet for gongfu tea.

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The height of the cat 1.97 in, width (front view) 1.46 in, width (side view) 1.26 in. In the workshop Terracotta GRYF, there are mostly serious works. I wanted to create something unusual and fun. And so it turned out to be a cartoon cat.

When I look at him, my mood immediately rises. I hope you will have the same reaction when you see this cat. This figurine will look great on a table, on a bookshelf or on a tea tray as a tea figurine.

The cat is made of black and white clay, painted with engobe. The coat and details are slightly accentuated with black glaze.

Natural and safe materials are used for the figure. When shipped, it will be well packed in a branded box. A little about caring for the product - the cat is fragile, so do not give it to children as a toy. The cat figurine is not afraid of water, but does not need to be washed in the dishwasher.

Thanks for your interest in my figurines. And thank you for your purchase (I hope you did it). Nice to see you in the workshop Terracotta GRYF. If you have any questions or suggestions, I will be happy to answer.


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The dragon figurine is 32 mm high, 70 mm long. Made of natural clay by hand, painted with a brush. After the first firing in an electric kiln, the dragon was covered with transparent glaze and once again underwent firing. This is the first dragon (there were five similar but different colors), there is a number at the bottom of the figure. This is a limited edition collection at an affordable price, as 2024 is the year of the Dragon and the corresponding figurine will bring prosperity to the home.
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The figure of a praying monk is 52mm high and 42mm wide. Made of natural clay by hand. At first glance seems very simple, but in my understanding has a deep meaning and spirituality.
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  This miniature pika figurine is only 26 mm high and 31 mm long. Pikas are small animals that look like hamsters, however, in reality they are close relatives of hares with short legs, rounded ears and tails that are completely invisible from the outside.   This is a truly unique figurine. It is made of natural clay, carefully drawn by hand with engobe. But the eyes are made of black clay and additionally stained with black engobe for greater clarity. This miniature sculpture will be a unique gift for a loved one. Also will please the lover of the tea ceremony as a tea figurine. The pika figurine is not afraid of boiling water, but it is fragile.   I can make a figure to order according to your sketch or I will make a sketch according to your wishes. If you have any questions or suggestions please write to me.   With the best wishes for health and good mood, Igor (the author and creator of the figurines).
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Figure height 6.5 cm, width ( front view) 4.5 cm. Monks scrutinize magical energy, which in most monastic traditions is called chi. This energy is a component part of the magic that permeates the multiverse, more specifically, the part that flows through the bodies of the living. Monks have learned to control the energy flowing through their bodies, enhancing their physical abilities. Monks are also very wise. I like to make monk figurines. The Monk figurine is made of natural clay. The color in reality may differ from the color on your monitor. He is a perfect addition to your tea ceremony, as the figurine is not afraid of boiling water. If you will often water with dark tea it may darken, get a different shade. And be careful - do not drop this mini sculpture, it is fragile, and do not give it to children as a toy.
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The dragon figurine is 35mm high, 64mm long. Made of natural clay by hand, painted with a brush. After the first firing in an electric kiln, the dragon was covered with transparent glaze and once again underwent firing. This is the third dragon (there were five similar but different colors), there is a number at the bottom of the figure. This is a limited edition collection at an affordable price, as 2024 is the year of the Dragon and the corresponding figurine will bring prosperity to the home.
$120.00 $101.00
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 Hedgehog height 1.38 in, length 1.77 in. Getting into your hands, Hedgehog and his friend Snail only evoke positive emotions! Nice texture not prickly but expressive needles, smiling face, black kind eyes and big ears. Hedgehog is a symbol of self-defense. In Feng shui  the Hedgehog is a symbol of security, openness, friendliness and joy. Prickles pierce the world of darkness and either defeats it or gives it a jolt. Ancient legends say that Hedgehog is wise enough, and even God listened to his advice! In China, such an animal is associated with kindness. Hedgehog brings joy and prosperity to the house. The Snail is a symbol of patience and perseverance because of its slowness. Time (the burden on the shoulders) does not deprive the Snail of the ability to victoriously raise antennae above its head. Due to the horns appearing and disappearing, the Snail is considered a symbol of the cyclic nature of the processes. It is also a symbol of time and evolution. Through the labyrinth of the clam shell spiral, man comprehends the meaning of time. Because the Snail always hides its body in the house, it is a symbol of modesty. This feature reminds about thrift and even greed - «I carry everything with me». I’ve also given this product its own individual meaning. For me, above all, Hedgehog and Snail are a symbol of friendship and alliance between the two personalities. And what he can become for you is for you to decide. In any case, unusual and lovely sculpture. It will please you or it will be a beautiful gift with meaning for your loved ones. It is made of three types of clay. The main one is white, but after two burns it has become a slightly beige (sandy) color. The eyes and nose of the Hedgehog are made of black clay. Its legs and the sink of the snail are made of terracotta clay. To accentuate the texture of the leaf, a glossy black glaze was applied to it, giving the effect of depth. If you look closely, you can see the pores. All our products are copyrighted. They are and will be in a single copy. Each product has meaning and philosophy. But if you want, you can give it your own personal history and name. The products are made of Ukrainian clay but using a small amount of Spanish clay. I use engobe and high-quality glaze to finish the figures. Clay is burned twice at 960 and 1080 degrees Celsius in an electric kiln designed for firing ceramic products. Clay and glazes are led free and food safe.   Thank you for your interest in my figurines and for reading to the end. Have a good mood. See you at the Terracotta GRYF store.
$142.00 $129.00


Wonderful creations and fast shipping to the U.S. Highly recommended.
I discovered GRYF through a comment on r/tea, and went on to buy two figurines that resonated with me. Igor is a consummate artist whose work appears old and new, elegant and rustic at the same time. A true scholar's object for my tea table.
My second purchase of handmade figurines by terracotta gryf. It's always wonderful and detailed work. And top quality. Made and packed with care and love.
Igor's pieces are full of character and soul. His Running Rhino is my second tea pet from him, and just like the first, the figurine was shipped very quickly and safely, accompanied by a small rolled painting to match. These tea pets are fine art made by a conscientious man and reliable seller. Thank you, Igor.
Wow! A customized meerkat just for my team I could not be more pleased with the details and care that you made my tea pet. 1000 thank yous!!!
Bought a lovely teapet turtle a while ago, the ink drawing that came with was just as beautiful- so when I saw the drawing of the whale I instantly sent a message to buy it.
Thank you for your fast and reliable communication , your beautiful Art and looking forward to keeping an eye out for your creations!
The bunny was just fantastic. Such expressive work and so unique. The packaging adds another layer to the experience as well. It will add joy to my tea time.
Thank you so much for the wonderful custom art of my pup! It is perfect!
Thank you for this beautiful digital art ????????
A great gift to myself! Masterwork figurines for tea sessions! I bought severals from this tallented artist and the quality and craftmanship always amazes me! Details are stunning and colors are even more pronounced when tea is poured on the figurine! Thank you for the added fun to my tea table!

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