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Vintage collection in the album of very old postage stamps on the theme of space from around the world. The period of postage stamps is 1950-1980 The album presents old and antique stamps from Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Mongolia, the Soviet Union and other countries. Descriptions and characteristics Album theme- space, cosmonautics, space vehicles and space flights 2 stamps of space fantasy Collection Content - Album + 105 stamps + 2 post blocks in perfect condition Album height is 7, 2 inches or 18, 2 centimeters Width 5.5 inches or 14 centimeters 0.6 inches or 1.7 centimeters thick Weight 8.30 ounces or 240 grams Album - average condition (Vintage) 95% of vintage stamps are in excellent condition Please ask any questions ....Feel free.... Also I can take additional photos I appreciate every buyer, so I always honestly answer any of your questions or clarifications. For each vintage or antique product presented in the store, at the request of the buyer are ready to take additional photos. P.S. Please take a look at the links to other vintage albums with stamps§ion_id=26142407 Sincerely, Thank you for visiting GOODMOOSE.

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A contemporary album with a very beautiful vintage collection of diverse animals, as well as 5 branded letters, stamp from at least five countries of origin Fauna COLLECTION- birds,dogs, wild animals, marine life, and many other animals Descriptions / features Album status is average The collection includes - postage stamps 55 pieces plus 5 more postage leaves with 24 stamps + AlbUm+ obligatory bonus from me) Height 8.7 inches or 22.5 centimeters Width is 6.6 inches or 17 centimeters 0.5 inches or 1.2 centimeters thick Weight 9.40 ounces or 580 grams I am happy to answer any questions, just write) This is a GREAT collectible find! Please ask any questions ....Feel free.... Also I can take additional photos I appreciate every buyer, so I always honestly answer any of your questions or clarifications. For each vintage or antique product presented in the store, at the request of the buyer are ready to take additional photos. Large selection of other albums and collections of postage stamps -§ion_id=26142407
Vendor: GoodMoose
ATTENTION - The album is included with the collection! This is a large heavy Soviet vintage album with a large collection of postage stamps paintings, paintings by artists, reproductions, copies reproduced in postage stamps .. in very good collection condition, a lot of unused stamps. About 80% is completely unused collectible vintage! In this large collection of various themes from paintings by great famous artists from around the world to the Soviet, as well as landscapes, panoramas, fairy tales, self-portraits and much more. Total number of stamps 253 Also about 30 double stamps (unused) A very rare and big collection of stamps on the subject of painting The album is so large that only a third of the photos are presented here. But I can send you any additional photos 10 sheets, 20 pages, all filled with stamps. The album is so large that I couldn't take a picture of all the pages because 20 and only 10 are allowed to be posted, but I'm willing to take more photos and send a message. Weight 35.4 ounces net weight or 1 kilogram 3 grams Height - 11 inches or 28 centimeters Width 7.4 inches or 19 centimeters Thickness - 1.2 inches or 3 centimeters The album is in excellent vintage and collectible condition Also a feature of the album is a beautiful embossing on the title page If you have any questions or you want to see more photos, just write me, I'll be happy to answer as soon as possible. Other my vintage albums with stamps you can see at the link-§ion_id=26142407 Thank You for visiting store
Vendor: GoodMoose
A set of 6 vintage Soviet badges. The 5 of the 6 icons depict the Soviet astronauts, as well as the dates of the launch of the spacecrafts Five of which are glass, the upper part of the glass is a sparkling-flickering, lower part of the metal. the last 6 badge consists of an aluminum inscription moon rover 1 (which was really launched by the Soviet Union in 1970) You have questions, or you want additional photos, just write, feel free , I will gladly answer as soon as possible. Interested in other space vintage icons?§ion_id=26161328
Vendor: GoodMoose
Beautiful antique castle in the form of a heart, in a good vintage condition Old vintage padlock is working perfectly well. It comes with one skeleton key. Padlock made entirely of metal and it is real thing about 40-50 years old, which can be a great addition to an old style décor or it will perfectly suit your handmade projects. Sizing: 110 by 130 mm (4.3/7 by 5) inches. Weight: 1180 gr (2,5 lbs). See my other vintage items: Thank you very much for visiting our shop! If you have any more questions, just send us a convo!
Vendor: GoodMoose
A huge illustrated encyclopedia-book about dogs and perfect vintage condition ! Rarely good condition, well-preserved book! The book is really unique, and I did not find similar books on Etsy!) In addition, the book is very informative and large, consists of the following TABLE OF CONTENTS- General facts Choosing and keeping a Dog The Training of the Dog The Senses of the Dog Nutrition Care Sexual life and Reproduction in Dogs The sick dog The old dog History Plates - List of dog breeds and their characteristics- COLOR IMAGE OR PHOTO ON EACH PAGE OF THE BOOK !!!!! Descriptions and characteristics Beautiful picture on every page!!! Language - English Number of pages 260 dust jacket The pages are glossy, dense, shiny and pleasant to the touch The height of the book is 11 inch or 28 cm Width 9.6 inches or 24.5 cm Thickness 1.1 inches or 28 cm Weight 52 ounces or 1.5 kg This is a great collectible find! If you have any additional questions, feel free ) If you want to see more photos or videos please contact me, I will reply as soon as possible Other interesting vintage books -§ion_id=26412892
Vendor: GoodMoose
Album in very good old condition, 95% of stamps in excellent condition, many unused absolutely vintage new postage stamps ( Its condition is almost perfect, there is only one small page damage that separates the sheets and protects them from sticking) Descriptions and characteristics Beautiful, hard cover in green The pages are also thick and hard, very well preserved Number of stamps 246 stamps on space topics in excellent condition (most of them were not used) from five different countries. The album also has 2 small sheets with stamps connected by 6 and 9 in one The weight of the album is 21 ounces or 580 grams Height 10 inches or 25 cm Width 7 inches or 18 cm The thickness of the album is 0.8 inches or 2 cm This is a great collectible find! If you have any additional questions, feel free ) If you want to see more photos or videos please contact me, I will reply as soon as possible Other large collections of postage stamps-§ion_id=26142407
Vendor: GoodMoose


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