Post card, created by an amazing boy with autism. (printed copy) (MOM)

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DEAR FRIEND❤ I want to ask you, if it's not difficult for you, read this post to the end. I have a son, his name is Timofey. He is 9 years old. And he has autism. Now he has a dream: when he grows up, he wants to become a neurosurgeon, but he also wants to work at GOOGLE))) He is a very talented guy, he works a lot on his drawings and he is very successful in this. He asked me to help him create these cards to sell, save money and make his dream come true)))) I told him that it would take a long time and it would take a lot of money to make his dream come true. To which he answered me, REVIEWING THAT I MUST TRY) So, I ask you to look through all these photos, and you might be interested in this card)? Help me make him happy. Choose what you like, and together we can solve the problem of delivery and the quantity you are interested in. 


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