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This is a small vintage postage stamp album featuring images of both historic and modern ships. Small diameter album - it just fits perfectly in your hand. In albums of stamps depicting Polish and Soviet ships, and one stamps come from Finland Characteristic This mini album only has two pages with 15 postage stamps (stamps are both new and used stamps, 50/50 ratio) Album status - traces of time and slight damage The condition of the postage stamps is very good. Album height 6.4 inches (16.1 cm)             4.6 inches wide (12 cm) Please ask any questions that I will be happy to answer. This is a GREAT collectible find! Large selection of other albums and collections of postage stamps -§ion_id=26142407

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A collection of vintage calendars with rare breeds of cats and dogs, in a beautiful red album in very good vintage condition. Years of calendars from 1981 to 1991 Description The album is in a really beautiful condition, each calendar has its own individual cell The album is completely full, the number of calendars is 48 The size of the calendars is 4 inches high and 2.5 wide, or 10 and 7 cm, respectively Album size - Height 12.5 inches or 32 cm Width - 5.3 inches or 13.5 cm Weight 17, 1 ounce or 490 grams Please ask any questions, I will answer as soon as possible, I am also ready to provide additional photos or videos in unlimited quantities
Vendor: GoodMoose
This is really a large, enameled iron Soviet vintage plate of the 80s of the last century that is perfectly preserved !! In the 4 corners of this plate there are native holes for nails or screws. Perfectly preserved as for a thing with such a history and age, almost did not succumb to the influence of time. Composition - whole iron, covered with enamel and paint, original product of the Soviet era. I'm sure it will be a great decoration for your home, doors, an unusual gift for a smoker, an attribute for a party or your creative projects! The weight-about 1000 grams Height- 30,5 cm ( 12 inches) Width - 31,5 ( 12.5inches) See my other vintage items: Thank you very much for visiting our shop! If you have any more questions, just send us a convo!
Vendor: GoodMoose
Rare vintage Soviet radio "Imula RP-8310" 1986 release BEAUTIFUL reception of stations!!! Features: Battery Weight - 320 grams (11.4 oz) Height 14.5 cm (6.6 inches) Width (2.7 inches) 3.5 cm thick (1.3 inches) 3 new batteries as a gift, included) Historical description of radio Since 1986, the Imula RP-8310 portable radio receiver has been producing the Kandava Radio Plant. (Imula is the left tributary of the Abava River.) The radio receiver is a small-sized SV, DV superheterodyne assembled on the K174XA10 integrated circuit. The design and layout of the model, in addition to design, is similar to the radio of the same Selga-309 plant. Reception is made on the internal magnetic antenna, but it is possible to connect an external antenna. The sensitivity of the receiver at LW 2.5, NE 1.3 mV / m. Adjacent channel selectivity with a detuning of 9 kHz is about 30 dB. The range of reproduced frequencies is 450 ... 4000 Hz. Rated output power 150 mW. Power supply three elements 316. Dimensions of the receiver 74x150x36 mm, weight with batteries 320 gr. ATTENTION!!! This is a vintage old radio, it does not accept modern FM radio waves, it receives waves on old frequencies as well as international, so it also catches channels from other countries. Also, the amount and quality of wave reception strongly depends on your region of residence. AND ONE IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATION, in the morning and in the day, there are many industrial obstacles, as well as different interference to radio waves that create radio interference and impair the sound quality. It is best to listen to this radio in the evening and at night, then the sound and reception of the signal is the cleanest and most quality! Thank you for visiting my store. I appreciate it! If you have any questions, just write )
Vendor: GoodMoose
A set of 5 Olympic badges. Various sports disciplines, such as swimming, sailing, volleyball, figure skating, boxing Condition - good with little traces of time See my other vintage items: Thank you very much for visiting our shop. If you have any more questions, just send us a convo!
Vendor: GoodMoose
Attention! unlike stamps the album is in poor condition. Large collection - an album of Soviet postage stamps and other countries on the theme of space, in a red cover. The album is large and thick 40% of the stamps are completely unused, in perfect collector's condition. The price is indicated as for all together with the album Features, characteristics Importantly, the album itself is in average vintage condition Number of stamps over 240 as well as 12 large beautiful POST BLOCKS in perfect condition (not used) Vintage space stamps from around the world - Czechoslovakia, Poland, the Soviet Union, Hungary, Mongolia and others Height 7.5 inches or 19.5 cm Width 6 inches or 15.5 cm Thickness 1, 2 inches or 3.5 cm Weight 20 ounces or 550 grams The cover and pages are hard, cardboard, covered with a red rubber cover. Number of pages 12 Space stamp Ask any additional questions, I will be happy to provide additional photos and videos. The largest selection of albums and collections with stamps on ETSY by the link -§ion_id=26142407
Vendor: GoodMoose
The album is in excellent vintage condition, produced in the early 80s in the Soviet Union, it contains postage stamps on the theme of steam locomotives, trains, ships, historical sea ships, river bridges. in excellent condition ... more than 50% stamps not used, brand new - vintage CHARACTERISTICS AND FEATURES First page is made of beautiful gold embossing on cardboard, which gives the appearance of expensive antiques, and some stamps with images of ships have a tactile surface with an additional protruding print that creates a 2d effect. The height of the album is 7.2 inches or 18.5 cm Width 5.5 inches or 14 cm Number of pages 9 The pages are solid, cardboard + Black rubber cover in excellent condition More than 72 stamps + 2 post blocks are presented Album included! Average album size: 6 inches wide 7 inches tall Please ask any questions, I will be happy to answer.
Vendor: GoodMoose


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