Ancient Cossack Artifacts Weapons Household Tools

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Private antique collection of ancient Medieval iron artefacts "Cossack heritage". Weapons and household items of the Cossacks. All items were restored from rust and damages. Sold with exhibition board. What is included in the collection: - 2 axes with the brand of masters; - a bit for controlling a horse; - bullet for the Cossack musket; - 3 combat bristles; - chain for Cossack brushes; - shaving razor; - one-tooth fork; - a hoe for cultivating the land; - a subject for agriculture in the form of a spearhead; - teslo small; - capture for clay pots; - sickle; - cossack knives; - exhibition board 540 x 540 mm (it's originally brown, for the pictures only we used white board) The collection will be a great decoration for an office, themed cafe or restaurant, or just fill your house with history. It can also be an excellent gift for the new year or birthday to a person who has everything, since such things are not sold in the store.


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