Oriental Still Life by Maria Knyazeva
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Original Painting
Oriental Still LifeAwakening by Maria Knyazeva

oil / canvas
25x30 cm (9.8" x 11.8")
Date of create: 2017
Signed on lower front and/or back side
Provenance: Direct from the Artist
The artwork is not framed

This Painting is done in oil on canvas.

About artist:
Born in Omsk region, Russia.
Since 2001, studied painting at the Ilya Repin St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture), studio of monumental painting of A. Mylnikov.
Graduated with honors. Her diploma work "Oriental Fairytale" received a special praise of the Academy Council.
Participant of various exhibitions and art projects.Worked on the restoration of frescos of The Naval cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Kronstadt.
Her works are presented in private collections in Russia, China, Taiwan, France, Estonia, Turkey, Lithuania, Norway and other countries.
Finalist of russian and international art competitions.
Member of Saint Petersburg Union of artists.

Exhibition expierience:


2017- "Preview. Art Revolution Taipei", X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2017- "Еxuberance of spring", international art exhibition. Taipei 101 Moll, Gallery 101

2017 - Preview on Finalists of 2017 International Artist Grand Prize Competition, Get Art Museum, Taipei

2017 - Art Revolution Taipei, World Trade Centre Exhibition Hall

2017 - A.R.T. Part 2, Get Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 - Rendezvous in the World of Art, X-Power Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


2016 - "Youth of St. Petersburg", spring exhibition of young artists in center of Union of Artists, Saint Petersburg

2016 - "Liner-2016", group exhibition of young Russian artists in a peninsula on the northern coast of the Black Sea in Eastern Europe

2016 - "All colors of Antalya", group exhibition, State Gallery, Antalya, Turkey

2016 - Finalist of ART Revolution in Taipei, Taiwan, China

2016 - Group exhibition "Word, which doesn't exist", Saint-Petersburg

2016 - "Young russian artists of Nord-West", Siktivkar, Russia


2015 - Exhibition "Woman and Nature", Antalya, Turkey
2015 - "Youth. Beginning", ehxibition of young artists in hall of Union of Artists, Saint Petersburg

2015 - "ZooArt" , exhibition of animalistic art in the center of Union of Artists, Saint Petersburg

2015 - Exhibition "Ringing Worlds", Russian Univercity of History of Arts, Saint Petersburg

2015 - "Arabic Themes" exhibition within Abu-Dhabi Festival, Moscow
2015 - participation in Art Festival and exhibition in National Congress Konstantin Palace, Saint Petersburg

2015 - Exhibition of one picture, Saint-Petersburg

2015 - International Festival of Fine arts " Living Gulf of Finland", Saint-Petersburg

2015 - New Year exhibition in St. Petersburg Court Chapel


2014 - Exhibition "Spring Mood" in art-club "Akakao", Saint Petersburg2014 - Exhibition-auction in Moscow President Hotel2014 - Contemporary Art Festival in Volgograd

2014 - "Youth. Beginning", exhibition of young artists in center of Union of Artists, Saint Petersburg


Participation on the restoration of frescos of The Naval cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Kronstadt.

2001-2007 Student exhibitions in Academy of Arts, Saint-Petersburg
2001 - Exhibition in National Pushkin's Museum in Mikhailovskoye
2006 - Exhibition of copies of ancient frescos in Academy of Arts, Saint-Petersburg
2008 - Exhibition of Diploma artworks in Academy of Arts, Saint-Petersburg
2009 - Exhibition "Knocking to Heaven's Door", Saint Petersburg
2009 - Exhibition of summer artworks in "Marco Polo" Hotel, Saint Petersburg
2009 - group exhibition "Churches of Tsarskoye Selo", Saint Petersburg
2010 - Exhibition "Tsarskoye Selo is our Motherland" , Saint Petersburg
2010 - «300 years of Tsarskoye Selo» , ehxibition hall of Union of Artists, Saint Petersburg
2010 - group exhibition in House of Cinema Art, Saint Petersburg
2011 - Exhibition "Paskha Holidays", Saint Petersburg

2012 - "Youth. Beginning", ehxibition of young artists in hall of Union of Artists, Saint Petersburg

2013 - Exhibition "Russian Saints", Saint Petersburg

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