Collectible Art That Will Transform Your Room

If you are convinced that collecting artworks is only for rich people, we can easily prove you wrong. Here, at Lavky, you can find various fine artworks, from vintage Soviet posters and paintings to contemporary statuettes and dolls, to satisfy your artistic needs. Any artwork, if chosen wisely, can be the elegant touch that emphasizes the style of the room and completes it. Let us walk you through our top categories so you do not get lost in the variety of Lavky art.

#1. Paintings

A good painting can totally transform the atmosphere in the room or put the right accents in terms of its style. A vintage painting always adds additional vibes of its era. You are welcome to choose from a range of Soviet-era paintings and contemporary ones that reflect the mentality and the atmosphere of post-Soviet countries. At our store, artist paintings are incredibly diverse, so you will definitely find the one that fits in your room (and your collection) perfectly, from oil paintings to drawings and illustrations.

#2. Dolls & Miniatures

If you have a soft spot for statuettes, dolls and miniatures, have no worries – obviously, Lavky art work is not limited to paintings. Browse through numerous offers on contemporary and vintage items to find the one that will suit your needs the best – tank models, glass statuettes, crochet dolls and much more are waiting for you.

#3. Fine Art Ceramics

Fine art ceramics from different countries, especially from post-Soviet ones, is definitely worth your attention. The artwork for sale at our store could be a start of gathering a new collection or an elegant touch for the existing one. You can choose from a variety of ceramic items, such as plates, cups, and even jewelry boxes.

These are only a few categories of what we offer at Lavky. Besides paintings arts, feel free to explore clip art, fiber arts, glass art, mixed media & collage, photography items. Good luck in your endeavors in enriching your collections or starting a new one, dear reader!